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Our method of psychological help to alco-addicted people assume their wish to get away from this addiction. Feel free to explore our web site.

Drugs are the weapons of aggression. Its victims are not crying, nor groaning, they are dying quietly & gradually, not at the field of battle, but directly in their own houses. They are dying spiritually many years ahead their actual death. And the most important is that these are live bodies, lacking the will.

Speaking about our country, before & at present, the struggle is often held not against the reasons of alcohol & drugs addiction but against its consequences. In some cases, damaging the political & ideological esteem of this evil, medical factor stood up at the front place. Moreover, only in rare cases, they told, alcohol is destroying health of drinking person, damaging its heart, liver & kidneys & so on, but only when it is over-indulged.
“ Moderate ” consumption ostensibly doesn’t represent any danger. Thereby, unpromising way of struggling was formed: medical anti-alcoholic service was expanded, surplus information was accumulated, costs for alcoholics’ treatment were grown high, but their quantity didn’t decrease.

In this way, alcoholism undermines economical, social, moral principles of society & at the same time it contributes to stagnation of social life & reduces social activity of population.