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 Alcoholism and I

In the beginning all began easily enough and cheerfully...
I was taken by boxing nine years, therefore, when the first time has started to drink in the companies, alcohol influenced me not so badly, it some kind of was certain энергетиком high spirits. At first health sufficed also I could drink much and consequences for the morning did not test what. All it was in the beginning...
Later I, and many of my environment, began to notice for me, during my changed condition aggression display. I could blow up at the slightest pretext and without cause, to shout, beat I do not know for what. Gradually, as I from alcohol, and my environment of "friends", began to thaw. Of me began to be afraid.
Where that one year ago, in 2009, I have got the weapon. At the moment of passage of the commission I did not drink three months but as soon as "the desired fruit" has appeared in my hands, at once have noted this business.
By then I have ceased to communicate with the bride and under the influence of degree have got acquainted with the new girl. In pair we did not become, were simply lovers, and has united us in this condition the regular use of wine. During this period I especially began to abuse alcohol, I drank any more only with the new fellow traveller of a life, but also in itself. Has started to find in its phone strangers РЎРњРЎ, was angry, more than saws. Once having drunk, has called on number, therefrom has come SMS. As a result of conversation with the subscriber has found out that call its Sergey and it its former guy. I have insisted on a meeting with it. I do not remember that I to it have told, but that it has very much touched something, and he has decided that at a meeting with me will explain to me, as as. Thereby I have achieved the and have met it.
I have arrived drunk, with the weapon, to unfamiliar area in 12:45 nights. It has come it one, and with the friend that has angered me even more. The woman, I have thought. Then I have beaten both of them. To its friend the handle has broken a jaw, and it has flogged feet on the person.
Having come back home, I have woken that because of which went on a meeting (she slept) and have expelled on street in underwear, preliminary having beaten on the person...
Alcohol and I - so I have entitled this product therefore as has come to a conclusion that these two words give rise to the third - the ANIMAL!
When I drank I was as if an animal as in a cage, I passed оскаленная, not a human life. I hurt all who me surrounded and at all did not notice, how this animal absorbs me, erasing in me human. Now in me something has exchanged. Something in me has moved. Last circumstances were probably imposed. My hard drinkings have strongly affected on health. Weeks for two before arrival here I could not fall asleep normally at night, heart knocked, there was a shiver and a fever in a body. On TV have informed on Romana Trahtenberga and Vladislav Galkin's death... Probably, all it and the desire to live has resulted me here.
Now I ask myself a question: "Alcohol or I?" - Also know, I choose the second. I choose a life, not оскаленным, not the drunk... I
Choose a worthy life out of alcoholic dependence.
Following students I wish to wish: down with prejudices and ridiculous standards of alcoholic slavery.
Be cleared! Be released! Will feel itself live! Therefore as while in you there is this combustible liquid, you already are half dead.
A self-confidence! Optimism! And a healthy high-grade life!


Now I go to an exercise room. I have returned to the bride. I have apologised before all (whom has found) with whom have managed badly in градусном a condition.
I recollect the past as about a dreadful dream where осознанно has for ever closed a door. I live and is happy with myself that and to you I wish.

Konstantin Vorobev


I, Barons Victor Nikolaevich, wish to tell in brevity about the last mad life.
Certainly, many young men, having left school, hasten to note this remarkable event so I have made also. But further, after any time, it was already after army, I had a certain company in which there was one of my schoolmates. We together spent enough таки a lot of free time. Went to clubs, cinemas, in a m bar all simply sat it, naturally, was accompanied by the use of various spirits, more often beer, but in considerable quantities.
Then it seemed to me that all it is quite normal. I had a good health, work and I thought that I will live so always. But it was my error. At me problems with alcohol have begun and I could not be long in a sober condition any more, feeling as that "not in the plate". I already drank also houses during week-end and, of course, on work tried to use at least something, the blessing the collective was to it at all the enemy.
Have begun прогулы, on work me have dismissed. I especially did not worry, well and that - there will be other work.
Here somehow time I have very strongly drunk, without remembering as well as where without money, without things made the way home though to go I could not at all, all time fell and have broken to myself all hands. I have sat down on поребрик, without knowing and without understanding that to me to do. The woman has approached to me, has given me bandage that I would wipe blood, and have asked my address. I have somehow answered it from the third attempt. Then it has resulted the husband of sister who dragged me to the house. It was evening - all walked and saw me.
Next day it was awfully a shame. I have decided that I will necessarily fasten with alcohol, but, unfortunately, through what that time all has swept on the same track: РїСЊСЏРЅРєРё and houses and on work. In general, it tried to appear everywhere where drink or it is possible to drink.
Whether I do not know it is possible to name it a life? With the big stretch.
I have described only one day from the alcoholic life. Certainly, back to return nothing, though very much it would be desirable it. I believe that I will not return to such past also to anybody of it I do not advise.
I have passed a course of employment in fund "Sobriety" and have really brightened up in reason.
It is convinced that sobriety - norm, and drunkenness - a deviation.
Thanks for the help to all.


I’m very grateful to Trezvost Fund for help they provide for people with drinking problems, which gives & shows the road to the world of light & happiness. I had come here with the thought that they will help me & I wasn’t mistaken.
Here I understood that alcohol is not my companion in life. I had discovered & understood for myself what kind of consequences could await me in future. Everything went OK within my relationships both at work & at home. I began to analyze the situation sober, from different point of view.
Let God bless your long living & helping to such people as me. Good luck & prosperity to you!
Special acknowledgement is to supervisor of the course, Mr. Vitaliy Kovalenko, who had understandably explained the situation in which I had found myself & the ways of getting out of it.
He is very helpful for people & gives hope to believe in one self.

Bordyugov Alexander Egorovich, 1958
Married, three children, secondary education,
St’Petersburg, phone: 348-45-95

A child is born helpless & unprotected & is seeking care & love of parents. Only after years passed away, having become a conscious person, we understand what precious gift they had given to us – life. And how do we waste it! How many temptations are killing us! How many good people were dead because of alcohol! Alcohol insolently & solidly scrawled into my life. My days could be over unexpectedly & dishonestly. And I had a chance to come to Trezvost Fund. And there appeared the possibility to rebirth - to revive like a fresh flower from ashes of destroyed life. I am very grateful to the leader of the Fund, to Mr. Vitaliy Kovalenko, for the gift to revive, for priceless gift to be cured from harmful alcohol addiction. I am grateful for sober thoughts & for sober lighthouse in life. And I shall carry this light till the end of my days in my consciousness while sharing it with those loosing their way in alcohol darkness.

Slepushkina G. M., 1955
Divorced, two children,
Secondary education, builder,
St’Petersburg: 470-53-52

I had discovered club “ OPTIMALIST ” in 1991 & came there without any hesitation with my problem – smoking. Since then & until now I do not have any problems with it. But there had arisen another problem – alcohol. Together with my wife, we gratefully had recalled the club & decided to find it. And we succeeded in doing it. It’s so good that the club still exists & will exist. I’m grateful to the club, the Fund at present, for assistance & participation in my future life.

Mordovzev A. M., 1961
Married, one child,
Secondary education, security
SPB: 545-40-50

I am thankful to all people working at the Fund Trezvost. They had saved me personally & continue to take care about me. When I see such people I hope that Russia will revive for better life, stand from its knees & will be saved.
I am thankful to everybody who helped me to get up from my knees, I shall try my best not to let them down & if there are physical forces I shall try to help somebody else.

Breus V. S., 1937
Married, two children,
Higher education, engineer, retired, SPB: 304-80-28

We’d like to thank Trezvost Fund for assistance to all of us, for support & directions given. We all came here with significant problems, seeking for help, clutching at a straw. They helped us here in a way we had changed a lot. We shall keep our promise to grow the seed that they dropped into us!
Thank you very much!

Lapina I. I., higher education, engineer, 1961
Bagnibova T. V., higher education, 312-96-91
Ovchinnikov A. L., 1961, auto-mechanics
Lapina E. I., 1971, 352-31-70
Fadeev A. V., 1961, higher education
Ovchinnikova I. A., 1964, secondary education

I am 28 y. o. Many things had changed after the studies at the courses in my consciousness, the problems of alcohol & tobacco addiction became obvious, though I did not understand this before. I consider that this is very useful & necessary knowledge for everybody. I was lucky that I paid attention to this problem very early & didn’t suffer its worse consequences. I wish all young people understand this.

Ermilov A. V., 1977
Higher economic education
Married, one child, phone: 8-921-3032090

I am already 60 y.o. My wife & daughter had brought me to this club & I was lucky. I’ve passed all the course studies & this helped me a lot in the relationship towards alcohol & smoking. That’s why I’d like to thank the Fund for help to people who want to find & believe in themselves. This is a very important moment in the life of every person! It’s hard to believe but I had got rid of my smoking habit though I smoked for 40 years!

Kopitin A. I., 1945
Married, two children, retired
Higher education, SPB

We are the attendants of the courses for the second time. The first time we had visited the courses was in 1990. The result was brilliant! My husband had given up smoking & drinking. He completely had changed for better. Our family life turned into paradise without scandals, quarrels, tears, alcohol & smoking. Ten years of life had flied away invisibly quickly. We regained the feeling of self-esteem. During these years we helped many families to find their way to sober lives. But micro-stroke had occurred to the husband. Exactly doctor-cardiologist advised to the frightened husband to drink 100 grams per day for “vessels extension”.
So here it began! Slowly, by small portions, the husband started to drink “medicine”. But the improvements in health didn’t come.
But again here came lies, scandals, fights in our house. The portions became bigger, it was normal to drink cognac, brandy, wine, beer in the evenings at home.
And the husband had decided to attend the courses for the second time.
I address to all the attendants-be devoted to your persuasions!
We were close to loose our family!
The years will pass, you will become stronger, you will feel more stable!
Never think of 50 grams as of a small thing! It is death!

Andreeva Irina (wife of Andreev O. N., 1960
Higher education, lawyer, two children, SPB: 463-16-44


I drank heavily. Some time I could resist. I was shaking before having a drink, I couldn’t resist it, I could drink up to 2-3 bottles of wine per day. I understood that this was a deadlock, death. I was factually picked up from the street where I lived for a certain time.
Autumn 2005 was really warm & dry. The day was without a date, most likely work day. I rush outdoors from the basement. My eyes are tearing, I cough to clear the throat. Houses & people are floating, my eyes are in scales. I go to the store as usual. Devils are insisting on one thought – to buy wine & get better. At that time I was strolling in the downtown & saw that there exists such an organization. Having met the supervisor one more time I heard – come & we shall help you!
There was complete mood – like a voice in a desert, like a straw for a drowning man.
Nowadays, for me who had given up to drink & to smoke, who had again regained his family & work, it is necessary to see clearly this borderline, separating normal human life from devilish nightmare.
Taking for instance, real situations two weeks ago & mainly by the abilities to convey the state of a person in this semi-fainted case.
I could not even imagine such a big contrast & moreover couldn’t think about it, sitting there in the basement two weeks ago, that I will quit drinking, smoking, start to live full-bodied family life, go to work & plan my future. I shall by all means tell all the people about this Fund & highly recommend it to those who really need it.

Hrenov A. A., 1960
Higher education, daughter
Left for his motherland in Ulianovsk

I would like to tell you my story. I began to drink beautiful, together with the girls, visiting restaurants. I went to the restaurant in the evening & went to work in the morning & this circled every day. I began to robber & steel & I had seen faraway places like jail many times. I drank heavily so I thought that not more than 5 years are left for living. Otherwise they kill me or I die in prison camps. Police all had known me.
Life had put its choice in front of me: die or quit drinking. I was shaken in the morning so that I had to drink holding the glass with two hands. I coped with hang-over by drinking everything: eau de cologne, lotion, spirits, vodka, everything which was under my hand. One morning when I awakened, I put all flammable liquid in the house into one glass as my mother was a doctor & drank it. I understood that I had to do something. Now I don’t remember what woman had given me the address where they could help me.
When I came to the first classes I felt really bad, I was shaking. I went outdoors & burst into crying. I came home & started to do my homework. After the third class unexpectedly for myself I had written down that alcohol is poison & it was such of a sudden that I didn’t want to have a drink. After completion of the course I met my friends who were surprised & I started to get distanced from them.
From my old company I had brought seven people to the courses. So destiny had led me here again, I brought my friend & hope that he will quit drinking forever. I am very grateful for people who are doing such useful activity & are helping others to climb over this horror.

Ivanov A. I., SPB, 2005

I would like to tell how I was in captivity of heroine, in its dependence, slavery. You can call it as you like, let’s say “marsh”, which swallows you up, deeper every time. It was possible to get out of it only with help of the “rope” dropped by the Trezvost Fund & to realize worthless life & understand by sober mind that the years lived with heroine are no more than illusion, disease, lies, scandals at home. These are the years pulled out of life. I am writing & thinking if a chance didn’t let my death happen because it could have happened dozen of times, like it had happened to my acquaintances, but had given me one more possibility, the last one I guess, & showed me the way to sobriety in order we turn back to normal life & help stray people. There are so many interesting, kind, good things in life & the main thing is to stick to sober way of living, to be proud of it.
It’s so great to be free & not to be dependent on somebody or something. We shall live happily for many years!

Yakovlev Sergei, 23 y.o.
Orehovo-Zuevo, Moscow region
Phone: 56-127; May 2005

I left home at the age of 14 y.o. & showed up there very seldom. I lived here & there, earned my bread & butter in dishonest way. I tried heroine for the first time when I was 15 y.o. During the first month I made injections daily, I felt irresistible traction to it, but I was afraid of “break-ups” & started to save myself with alcohol. I didn’t try heroine for several years then. I had found a job, time had passed & I decided to prick myself once again. I had lost weight, glance became inhuman, kind of glassy, my clothes were dirty. Being 22 y. o. I had tried many methods but all of them were of medical character. Next time when I felt “break-up”, I decided to simplify it with vodka. I was drinking 15 days without any stop, “break-ups” were finished but there arrived hang-over. Once, in a moment of lucidity, I had found a newspaper with an article about one guy’s destiny like mine. He told how did it happen. I understood that sobriety is what I need & started over. Here I found much of important information & received a tool which will help to resist any poison. I am convinced that all the best is in the future & wish it to everybody!

Oparin Kirill, 23 y. o.
Ekaterinburg, June 2004