AlcoFreeLife is project evolved from long-term public non-profit organizations "Optimist" and "Trezvost" (The sobriety). Working as practic psychologist and having experience since mid 1980s, Vitaly Kovalenko started his own project in 2005.

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Drugs are the weapons of aggression. Its victims are not crying, nor groaning, they are dying quietly & gradually, not at the field of battle, but directly in their own houses. They are dying spiritually many years ahead their actual death. And the most important is that these are live bodies, lacking the will.

Speaking about our country, before & at present, the struggle is often held not against the reasons of alcohol & drugs addiction but against its consequences. In some cases, damaging the political & ideological esteem of this evil, medical factor stood up at the front place. Moreover, only in rare cases, they told, alcohol is destroying health of drinking person, damaging its heart, liver & kidneys & so on, but only when it is over-indulged.
“ Moderate ” consumption ostensibly doesn’t represent any danger. Thereby, unpromising way of struggling was formed: medical anti-alcoholic service was expanded, surplus information was accumulated, costs for alcoholics’ treatment were grown high, but their quantity didn’t decrease.

In this way, alcoholism undermines economical, social, moral principles of society & at the same time it contributes to stagnation of social life & reduces social activity of population.

And many people perfectly understand this:

- I lived for a long time like “ all others ”. I was working like all others, drinking sometimes like all others. When you have a drink – nothing really matters to you. But I looked attentively at my life & was horrified. Who am I? Why am I? I live by the principle: worked the shift, had a drink, read a detective story & went to bed… And am I the only one? All of us are the result of grayish uninteresting life, where a glassware receiving clerk lives better than the distinguished steel-maker…- one of the workers is thinking over.

- I am teaching at the college & gradually become stupid among all these fools, the percentage of those is constantly increasing, - a teacher is addressing to the society, - Ten years ago I would put a bad mark for present answers but nowadays I have to put good or excellent marks – there is no choice. I am happy if he or she repeats a simple sentence after me. And these ridiculous specialists are issued with diplomas!”

Herein you could remind of the ancient mancurts…But there is essential difference: this is not giving a bad name by somebody’s angry will but self-liquidation of personality which happens very often by childish stupidity, by aspiration for joining “ special ” pastime, by desire to experience unusual sensations for knowledge of the goal & essence of being.
Drugs use often starts chaotically: guys are trying almost all affordable “ deafening ” means, using those which are easier to get & which are spread among their acquaintances. Being addicted to drugs these sick persons attract attention by their sluggishness, decreasing demands & interests or by peculiarity of thoughts & phraseological sayings, inadequate mimics, contents of saying, pretentious behavior or inaccuracy in clothing, by unusual frankness in matters of over-indulgence in drugs, bareness in telling about their sexual relationships.

Every type of drug, possessing narcotic properties, provokes very quick addiction to it that proceeds to irresistible draught. Destroying action is not quickly evident & under usage of drugs a person gains an illusion of his power & ability to overcome all difficulties. Alcohol creates visible well-being which is said to be the protection from all troubles. People consume it, become poorer, ruin themselves & dying gradually. Step by step alcohol turns itself into horrible exploiter. Eventually in the whole world it was established that spirits & any of its derivatives in any dosage dramatically affect first of all mental potential of the human being, his character, morality, while destroying at the same time all organs & tissues of the body. In alcohol – the reason is in the essence of spirits itself, in its narcotic properties, in sickly perverse instincts. Human being, lacking understanding of his own ego is equal to wordless creature.

Even famous German scientist A. Fisher in his work “ The basis of social hygiene ” which was translated in our country in 1929 had specified that among the inhabitants of psychiatric clinics mere half of them are people whose predecessors were insane or alcoholics. Consequently, alcohol predisposes insanity (not speaking about alcohol psychosis). Almost similar wave agitation happens in birth frequency of future schizophrenics, among which the desire for drugs is high. As specified in official papers of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, approximately in 20 percent of all cases of drug addiction, the psychic disease is registered. Besides, big quantity of drug addicts is marked with psychopathic features of character. More often drug addiction is met among patients with schizophrenia, epilepsy, psychopathy (pathological maturity of personality), and also with presence of organic symptoms (traumatic as well) of brain destruction, phoniness. There is the whole army of drinking people who had destroyed their brain, had switched off their morals, exterminated patriotism, abolished former nobility & left in their devastated brain only one wish – to have a drink.

Herein different kinds of social pathology & “antisocial” elements appear whom intoxication is necessary for. It is the sense & weapon of life of drug addict, drunkard, drones & criminals.

Our goal is to tell the truth to people about alcohol & other drugs.